Hymn of the Week: All Glory, Laud, and Honor

April 11, 2014 § 1 Comment

palmPalm Sunday is often overtaken by the drama of the Passion, and in some ways, appropriately so. However I think there is also something missing when we short change the triumph and joy of the Palms. Children engage easily in the celebration, the 9:15 procession with Palms and bells from the playground to the church is fun, a witness to the exuberance of hope. Adults are more cynical. We know what comes next, so why get excited? Why celebrate what is so quickly defeated?  In our last  Lenten Small Group looking at Shame Resilience we heard Brené Brown’s reminder: “if we want to experience joy, we must be open to sorrow; if we want to experience deep gratitude, we must open ourselves to disappointment.” When we protect ourselves from disappointment, anger and sorrow by limiting our moments of triumph and happiness, we build a wall that will also limit joy. As we approach Palm Sunday, let us join children’s voices and let the hosanna’s ring, open ourselves to the profound grief of the passion and the timeless joy of Easter.


– The Rev. Mary Foulke

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