Parishioner Interview: Kyle Henderson

April 4, 2017 Comments Off on Parishioner Interview: Kyle Henderson

St. Luke in the Fields Blog: What has your experience of Lent been this year in formation? How has St. Luke’s helped you this Lent?
Kyle Henderson: This is my first Lent as a member of the Episcopal Church. I have observed Lent in the past, but this time feels different. Going through Formation, it feels as though the season of Lent this years represents more than a spiritual fast in preparation for a Holy Day. It represents, for me, a time to reflect on my deeper life within the Episcopal Church and what that means for me in my life of service in Jesus. I know that each year from here on out, I will look back on my first season of Lent and remember how blessed I have been to have been a member at St. Luke in the Fields.

It is my understanding that St. Luke’s Formation program is much more immersive than what is common in other Parishes. Given the world we live in today, I find that to be so very important in helping people to understand the rituals and customs of the Episcopal Church and to understanding the history. Formation at St. Luke’s, specifically, has planted the seed of curiosity, not just for the Church, but also for the Bible, that has become part of the identity of my spiritual life. Coming to St. Luke’s and being a part of the Formation Program feels a little like trying archery for the first time and hitting the bullseye on my first shot.

St. Luke in the Fields Blog: What are you looking forward to most at the Vigil?

Kyle Henderson: I started coming to St. Luke’s last summer when the choir was on hiatus. I was so moved by the service and the warm feeling that seemed to envelope me every Sunday. Everyone told me, “If you are moved now, just wait until the choir returns.” I heard this over and over and I thought, “These people are really building up this choir. I am afraid they are setting my expectations far too high.” It turns out, they didn’t give the choir enough credit. I was moved to tears for at least a month after the choir returned. As Easter is approaching, the people of St. Luke’s are talking again. They keep saying, “The Easter Vigil is the most beautiful I have ever experienced.” This time around, however, I know not to assume for one second that my fellow Christians at St. Luke’s are exaggerating. My heart is bubbling over with excitement in anticipation for the Easter Vigil; not simply for the inspiring beauty, but also for the deep connection to Jesus that I know I will feel that day. I really don’t know what to expect for the Easter Vigil, but I know that my first Easter at St. Luke in the Fields is going to be a day that I will never forget.

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