Composer Spotlight Lent III: Frei Manuel Cardoso

March 17, 2017 Comments Off on Composer Spotlight Lent III: Frei Manuel Cardoso

The choral music scheduled at St. Luke’s for the Third Sunday in Lent (March 19th) will be:

  • Constanzo Porta – Oculi mei
  • Manuel Cardoso – Aquam quam ego dabo
  • G.P. da Palestrina – Sicut cervus/Sitivit anima

– Blog Editor


The Portuguese monk and composer Frei Manuel Cardoso (1566-1650) was renowned not only for his musical skill, but also for his humility, a fact the more noticeable on account of the close connections he maintained with the royal house of Braganza.  He was praised by Philip IV of Spain as well as the Duke of Braganza, the future John IV of Portugal (whose setting of Crux fidelis is sung each year at St. Luke’s on Good Friday), who may have been his student.  Aquam quam ego dabit is from a series of motets for various feasts preceding Easter, culminating in a series of responsories for Holy Week, found in the Livro de vários motetes, published in Lisbon by Craesbeeck in 1649, which the composer described as a “child of my old age”.  The text will be found in Sunday’s Gospel reading.

For more information about Cardoso and his style here:

Here is a link to his Requiem, unbelievably beautiful:

And his Lamentations:

– David Shuler, Director of Music

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