Composer Spotlight Lent IV: Andrea Gabrieli

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The choral music scheduled at St. Luke’s for the Fourth Sunday in Lent (March 6) will be:

  • Plainsong – Laetare Jerusalem (Introit)
  • Andrea Gabrieli – Missa Pater peccavi
  • Andrea Gabrieli –Pater peccavi

– Blog Editor


Andrea Gabrieli was born in Venice around 1510 and died there in 1586. He is thought to have been a singer in St. Mark’s in 1536 and it is known that he was organist at S. Geremia in Cannaregio, in the northern part of Venice, in 1557 when he applied unsuccessfully for the post of organist at St. Mark’s. In 1562, he went to Germany as part of the retinue of Albrecht V of Bavaria when the latter made a state visit to Frankfurt am Main. It was then that he formed what was to become an enduring friendship with Lassus, who was Maestro di Cappella of the ducal chapel from 1563 to his death in 1594, and this contact seems to have influenced the development of the older composer’s musical style.

In 1566, Gabrieli was a successful competitor for the post at St. Mark’s, which he held until his death. He quickly acquired the reputation of being one of the most important composers, particularly of ceremonial music, in the city and gained international standing as a Venetian composer after a period in which Franco-Flemish composers had been predominant in Venice. He was also influential as a teacher and his pupils included his nephew Giovanni Gabrieli, the theorist Lodovico Zacconi, and from Germany, Hans Leo Hassler and Gregor Aichinger. His Missa Pater peccavi is written for six-voice choir and was published in 1572, based on his own motet. The music of the mass setting reflects the spirit of “Laetare Sunday, and the text of motet is drawn from this morning’s Gospel reading.

– David Shuler, Director of Music

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