A View from the Sacristy: Lenten Linens

February 24, 2016 Comments Off on A View from the Sacristy: Lenten Linens


There are a handful of us who know the linens of St. Luke’s, and no one else on the planet does.  These little slivers of spirituality, different embroideries, used and washed, wrinkled and ironed, can carry an iconic meditation value which may grow and grow.  Fine linen is the righteousness of saints (Revelations 19:8).

What bit of reality do you encounter again and again that can invite you to a deeper grasp of the beauty of life?  What is your altar linen on which the chalice of the Blood is placed and the fragments of the Body can be caught?  A valuable exercise for Lent, to consider what material bits you have encountered and have an insider’s knowledge of which can open up for you a leap into the divine.

– Robert McVey

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