Contemplating Pride Month at St. Luke’s

June 1, 2015 Comments Off on Contemplating Pride Month at St. Luke’s

Pride 2015 logoFor the first time since the St. Luke’s Blog came into existence, it is being fired up for the month of June. As a parish, we have celebrated LGBT Pride Month in many ways over time, and this seems a good point to encourage St. Lukers to contribute written and verbal reflections on our customs and history.

We are hoping to have three posts a week–Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the month.  The pattern we are hoping for (but not rigidly clutching) will be:

Monday: A reflection engaging a piece of Scripture, perhaps.

Wednesday: A look around us now. What are we doing and how are we living together now? Some possible themes may be:

  • Raising children in an LGBTQ-affirming church
  • Aging as an out LGBTQ person
  • Navigating same-sex relationships when one partner is a non-believer

Friday: A look back at historical people who have helped make St. Luke’s the LGBT-affirming place it is today.
Comments are open, and welcome!

Mary and Nicole

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