Quote of the Week: Neil Douglas-Klotz

April 12, 2014 Comments Off on Quote of the Week: Neil Douglas-Klotz

Expanded translation of Matthew 11:28-29 from the Aramaic by Neil Douglas-Klotz:

Come to me,
All of you, all of yourself,
In your frenzied weariness,
Your movement without end,
Your action without purpose,
Not caring in your fatigue
Whether you live or die.

Come enmeshed by what you carry,
The cargo taken on by your soul,
The burdens you thought you desired,
Which have constantly swollen
And now exhaust you.

Come like lovers to your first tryst:
I will give you peace and
Renewal after constant stress:
Your pendulum can pause
Between here and there,
Between being and not-being.

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