The Sixth Station: Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross

April 10, 2014 Comments Off on The Sixth Station: Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross

006-nailedJames Middleton’s Sixth Station shows a hammer mid-air after striking a nail through Jesus’ right wrist, blood spurting, while the left hand of the soldier is blood stained.  As I reflect on contemporary ways of how we participate in nailing others to the cross, I am reminded of Countee Cullen’s Christ Recrucified:

Christ Recrucified
by Countee Cullen

The South is crucifying Christ again
By all the laws of ancient rote and rule:
The ribald cries of ‘ ‘Save yourself” and “fool”
Din in his ear, the thorns grope for his brain,
And where they bite, swift springing rivers stain
His gaudy, purple robe of ridicule
With sullen red; and acid wine to cool
His thirst is thrust at him, with lurking pain.
Christ’s awful wrong is that he’s dark of hue,
The sin for which no blamelessness atones;
But lest the sameness of the cross should tire,
They kill him now with famished tongues of fire,
And while he burns, good men, and women too,
Shout, battling for black and brittle bones.

Where do we see Christ nailed to the cross today? How are our hands blood stained in cooperation?

– Nicole Hanley


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