The Fifth Station: Jesus Is Stripped of His Clothes

April 3, 2014 Comments Off on The Fifth Station: Jesus Is Stripped of His Clothes

Fifth Station: Jesus is Stripped of His ClothesOur flesh is soft, vulnerable. We clothe ourselves not just to adorn or beautify but in order to protect our flesh from cold and heat, from bugs and burrs, from the gaze of others. In clothing, we can tell ourselves that we are still protected, still accorded some dignity in this world. Clothing is one of our first and last possessions.

Before he is crucified, Jesus, like other criminals being taken for crucifixion, is stripped of this last of human trappings, this last protection, this last security. He is completely vulnerable to everything that comes at him, open to the instruments of his torture and execution as well as to the scorn and indifference of those who surround him.

Imagining him standing there naked, bleeding from the wounds of his lashing and the crown of thorns, weary unto death, gives a new and terrible dimension to the words Paul will later write that are of such comfort to me and many others: “Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.” Not even his clothing. That availability, that closeness to every human heart and all who suffer is won at a great cost.

– The Rev. Gabriel Lamazares

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