Lenten Reflection: Posey Krakowsky Quilts

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Posey KrakowskyI believe I have been a fiber artist since before I can remember. As a young  child, I would frequently pluck the fur from my beloved stuffed animals just to relish the  sensation of twisting the strands between my fingers. As I got older, my great aunt taught me to quilt – a traditional skill that retained an important place in southern culture even before the Bicentennial inspired the national quilt revival in the 1970’s.

Though I was thoroughly trained as a traditional quilter, I rapidly moved beyond those parameters. My work does not have a distinctive style, because each quilt presents new challenges that force me to learn or adapt different techniques. Some pieces are highly improvisational, changing radically from conception to execution. Others adhere to more traditional rules. Some are completely hand made; others combine machine and hand techniques. Over the years, I have incorporated calligraphy, painting, beading and natural elements in my work to provide additional texture, dimension and depth.

PKQ-WEB-invitation-1As a student at Union Theological Seminary, I began to ponder the theological significance of my work. Most of my quilts are inspired by another person, and as a result, I often give them away. The process of “seeing” an other — of appreciation — of purposeful attention without the attempt to incorporate — constitutes a radical act of love. It is a way in to relationship that purposefully suspends judgment and even verbal definition in order to resist appropriation. This love reveals the other to the seer, and transforms her in the process. In return, those who are seen are also transformed, for by being truly seen, they are valued as individuals. To me, this process of truly seeing an other is at the heart of our Christian calling. In our baptismal covenant, we promise to strive to respect the dignity of every human being. My work is one way in which I try to live up to that vow.

(See more at http://www.poseykrakowskyquilts.com/)

– Posey Krakowsky


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