Lenten Quote of the Week: Wang Weifan

March 22, 2014 Comments Off on Lenten Quote of the Week: Wang Weifan

river“My Lord is the source of Love; I the river’s course. Let god’s love flow through me. I will not obstruct it. Irrigation ditches can water but a portion of the fields; the great Yangtze River can water a thousand acres. Expand my heart, O Lord, that I may love yet more people. The waters of love can water vast tracts, nothing will be lost to me. The greater the outward flow, the greater the returning tide. If I am not linked to Love’s source, I will dry up. If I dam the waters of Love, they will stagnate. Can I compare my heart to the boundless seas? But abandon not the measure of my heart, O Lord. Let the waves of your love still billow there!”

– Wang Weifan

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