Christmas Reflection: A Common Salvation

December 25, 2012 Comments Off on Christmas Reflection: A Common Salvation

A Common Salvation

Nor has she before been so fully flesh–
Far more than she ever thought and all of it
nameless. The all of her written across the floor
in blood: present as only the sky or sea has before been
present, a stillness reflecting light.

When did we last answer to any name that was not Easily Broken?
Call me that, too, said God, drawing a door
on emptiness, and in a spendthrift flourish, hanging a star above it.
Here I am. Woundable as you, a city quickly taken.

His now-here body is his sudden absence
from hers. She lays him in the manger and brings her hands back
empty, a world between her end and his beginning.More vivid and diminished than they’ve ever been,
without struggle or despair, God and Mary
fall back past the shelter of knowledge.
They begin again the lesson of love from the start,
they find it changed.

– Elisabeth Watson

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