The Annunciation

March 26, 2012 Comments Off on The Annunciation

The Annunciation by Br. LentzArtist’s Narrative:
Today is revealed the mystery that is from all eternity. The Son of God becomes the Son of man, so that sharing in what is less He may make me share in what is greater. In times of old, Adam was once deceived: he sought to become God, but received not his desire. Now God becomes human, that He may make Adam God. Let creation rejoice, let nature exult: for the Archangel stands in fear before the Virgin and, saying to her “Hail,” he brings the joyful greeting through which our sorrow is relieved. O you who in your merciful compassion were made human, our God, glory to you!
(Martins, March 25, Byzantine Rite.)

The Annuciation Icon by Brother Robert Lentz, OFM

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