The Sixth Station: Commitment and The Cross

April 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Somehow I always forget that the stations of the cross are almost all difficult things to think about—oppression, torture, and capital punishment. When I was given choices on which station to write, all I could think was “Wow. Not exactly bedtime stories.”

Up to this point in the stations, Jesus has had the chance (theoretically) to change his mind. He could have decided that he’d had enough, and this wasn’t really the direction he wanted to go with his ministry. Anyone could understand the choice to avoid crucifixion. But he didn’t make that choice. Being nailed to the cross is the beginning of a long, slow, public death.

But he is not dead yet. He is nailed to the cross. This is where he has made his decision to commit to his message. This station speaks about commitment and the choices we make and the actions we take to support those choices, even when those actions mean discomfort, difficulty, or in Jesus’ case death.

Athletes know this kind of commitment of course, but so do many other people: those who are in school, those who are in relationships, single mothers or fathers. In fact, all of us have probably had times in our lives where we had to choose to line our actions up with our intentions for our own good and the good of those we love.

I think the power of the story here is that it captures my difficult struggles in a way that honors their difficulty. I stand at this point in the stations of the cross with my own feet nailed to this spot, as I am invited to consider the consequences for those who dare to make their actions line up with their message and commit to the difficulties that may come.

– Lee Heeter

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  • Hugh M. Grant says:

    Thanks for this reflection, Lee–it holds us in the moment of difficulty, which opens us to the transformative power of that moment. So often it is all too easy to rush ahead to Easter…

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