The Sixth Station: Reflecting on that loud pounding

March 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

This image of Jesus’ Crucifixion is the first thing my visitors see at my home.  There is a bronze Christ nailed to my wall straight across from the entrance door: the cross is missing along with half of one of Jesus’ arms.  While some may think that this borders on sacrilege, I find that it intensifies the image of complete brokenness.

I often wonder if the intensity and tragedy of my own life story, marked by political persecution in my native country and followed by exclusion and discrimination in my new homeland, draws me to this depiction of deep pain.

Every time I feel betrayed, abandoned, forgotten, excluded, pushed around or lied to I think of Golgotha.  However, it is not only the powerful image of the nails and blood. It is the noise of hammering that sounds in my heart.  That loud pounding forces me to accept my own capacity to inflict pain to others.

Every time we hurt someone else we pound all over again with the hammer, nailing our bloody greed in someone’s heart, mind or spirit.  So, for me the issue is to identify who were “they” who nailed him to the Cross.  Were they those of us who hurt one another? Were they those who deny us dignity or who threaten our well beings? Who are they in today’s social dynamics? Are they you and me?

– Anahi Galante


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  • Helen McConnell says:

    This reflection makes me think that whenever I am hurtful to someone it is a result of self bondage.
    When I see myself as seperate rather than a part of a whole, I go to extremes to keep myself protected. When I can see myself as interdependent, I know I need to find ways to love and care about others, even those that hurt me.

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