Jesus Meets His Mother: An expanded and interdependent discipleship

March 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

“Jesus’ meets his mother” is not a scriptural account of Jesus’ road to Calvary, for that we would look to John 19:26-27 when Jesus looks down from the cross to his mother and entrusts her to the beloved disciple, and John to her. Whether the meeting took place on the road or at the foot of the cross seems immaterial. Somewhere along the journey Jesus’ family of origin is connected with his chosen family of disciples. Biblical scholar Raymond Brown described the moment between mother and son as the moment in which the Blessed Virgin Mary “becomes a member of the ideal discipleship.” The account of Jesus’ birth family in the Gospels is often with tension: they worry that he has lost his mind, and he dismisses them as no more related than any other disciple. In the last hours of his life, Jesus’ commends those who love him to one another.

We can only imagine the tensions between family of origin and family of choosing, and yet in this moment we become one family, one community of faith. It is deeper than tolerance or even acceptance; we are meant to be an interdependent and expanding family, and expanding and interdependent discipleship. We each know Jesus (or think we do), now we are called to know one another. Jesus is condemned and soon to die; our relationship with Christ and with one another continues. Where are the crucifixions now in our world? And how will we who witness them relate to one another as we pray and hope and work for resurrection, for the strength of love and freedom to be revealed?

– The Rev. Mary Foulke


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  • Helen McConnell says:

    This makes me think of how I have spent so much time and energy in living seperate and maintaining a false self, which brought me to a place of emptiness. I want to learn to live knowing God through others and not looking away from the crucifixions. I find this a hopeful place to be at in my life.

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